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How Can a Michigan Car Accident Attorney Help You?​

Different states have different laws regarding car insurance claims. Michigan in particular is a bit tricky because of its No-Fault Law, so it's best to hire a good Michigan car accident attorney instead of opting to go through all the legal work yourself if you’ve been in a car crash. A lawyer familiar with the state’s laws, especially those pertaining to accident claims and lawsuits, will be best suited to handle your case. Many people tend to make the mistake of getting the wrong attorney (whether they’re from out of state or have little experience in handling car accident cases) or no attorney at all, and wind up getting very little than what they deserved or nothing at all. This may be owing to the fact that they’re not aware of what benefits they are entitled to, the legal jargon involved when filing claims, what they should and shouldn’t do post-accident, as well as how to deal with their insurance adjuster. For example, many people assume that because of the No-Fault Law, the onus is all on their insurance provider to compensate for the damages and losses incurred during an accident - regardless of who’s fault it was. What they don’t realise is that it is possible to sue the negligent driver for pain and suffering, as well as any excess economic damages not covered by your insurance. Only a qualified Michigan car accident attorney can point out these “hidden” pockets of benefits that you might be unaware about when filing your claim. But even with attorneys, you have to be careful about hiring someone with very little experience as opposed to one with plenty of successful cases under their belt. Your insurance adjuster will pull out all the stops in getting to pay you as little as possible, and therefore knows all the ins and outs of even the most unique car accident cases. They’re a tough adversary to handle, and only an experienced auto accident lawyer knows how to navigate the traps your insurance adjuster may lay out for you so you get the utmost out of your coverage. In a state where car accident laws are tough and the legal battles even tougher, you just simply can’t do without an auto accident attorney. And the more experienced ones are always tough to find. Many institutions that deal with car accident victims, such as US Rehabilitation & Health Services, have affiliations with excellent and highly qualified lawyers who can guide people through the paperwork and legal proceedings. This takes away the gruelling process of finding good lawyers, or switching attorneys if you’re unsatisfied with your current one, saving time as well as any mental fatigue. At US Rehabilitation & Health Services, you can get more than just legal guidance. Our team of medical specialists work round the clock to provide you with excellent medical care and treatment for your post-accident injuries and trauma. Together with our affiliated network of lawyers, US Rehabilitation & Health Services aims to cover all your bases so you’re well on your way to leading a normal, stress-free life once again. Contact us today for a free consultation. ​

Understanding an Auto Accident Lawsuit: A Beginner's Guide to All the Varying Types (Part 2)​

In our last post, we briefly covered some aspects of vehicle-on-vehicle cases but lawsuits aren’t limited to them alone. There are other varieties which we will be outlining for you in today’s article. While this is by no means a comprehensive guide that you can solely rely on when filing an auto accident lawsuit, this guideline will give you essential information that you can iron out in detail with a legal specialist at US Rehab & Health Service. Auto-Pedestrian AccidentThis involves a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian which results in bodily harm to the latter. There are three common situations of an auto-pedestrian accident. In the first, the incident occurs at a location where there are traffic signals and may or may not have pedestrian signals and crossings. The second involves an intersection where there are no traffic signals but there is a pedestrian signal or crossing. The last one is a location where there are no traffic signals or pedestrian signals and crossings. The defense will vary according to the situation. Auto-Truck AccidentSimilar to auto-auto accidents, an auto-truck accident involves a collision between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck, but with its own special circumstances and considerations. For example, the truck will likely have a commercial driving license and will be perceived as being an experienced driver. However, commercial drivers are to follow certain mandates such as not drinking while on duty and performing maintenance checks (as well as keeping a log of all repairs), which can be referred to in the hearing. Product LiabilityIn product liability cases, the plaintiff makes the argument that the vehicle had some defect that resulted in the accident. There are two types of defect cases, which have been outlined below: 1. Design DefectIn a design defect, the case would be for a design in the the automobile or one of its components that has caused an accident and can potentially cause more. An argument like this usually refers to the design as an inherent threat to the safety of the general public, and holds the company that issued the automobile with this defect as the responsible party. 2. Manufacturing DefectA manufacturing defect on the other hand refers to a defect found in the make of a batch or individual models of the automobile that was involved in the accident. This can mean that a component was missing or the vehicle had been improperly assembled during the manufacturing process. In such a case, the defendant will be the car manufacturer/assembling company.Your lawyer will be the one to make or break your case, which makes it necessary for you to look for the right lawyer at the right place. At US Rehabilitation & Health Service, you can get helpful legal guidance on claiming your auto insurance or even filing an auto accident lawsuit. Our network of medical experts and reliable legal advisors empowers us with the ability to suit all your post-accident needs. Give us a call today for a free consultation. ​

Understanding an Auto Accident Lawsuit: A Beginner's Guide to All the Varying Types (Part 1)​

When one gets involved in an accident, the nightmare just doesn’t end once you’re safely out of harm’s way. Stress and suffering is prolonged when filing an auto accident lawsuit, but without the necessary know-how you might get dragged into a mentally and financially exhausting legal battle. For your ease, we have made a brief list of the different types of litigation for different types of circumstances in a vehicular accident: DamagesIn an auto accident lawsuit, the plaintiff usually pursues acquiring monetary compensation for any damages to their vehicle or any injuries they incurred during the accident. The former is easy to settle since one can estimate the extent of repair costs against the market value of the damaged car or its components. Bodily harm on the other hand is a totally different case. There are two types of receivable damages for personal injuries, the first being “hard” damages. There involve all your medical expenses and the income you might have missed out due to you being unable to work as a result of the accident. The second type are “soft” damages and are harder to quantify as they include the pain and suffering caused to the plaintiff during the accident. Auto-Auto AccidentThis refers to an accident between two or more passenger vehicles, but also includes the unique circumstances which are listed as follows: Head-on CollisionThis happens when one driver crosses the centre line of a road and collides into a vehicle head-on. A head-on collision case will be argued on the basis of the defendant illegally or suddenly swerving into another lane, whether the plaintiff was keeping to their lane and their perceived inability to avoid moving out of the way of the swerving car to avoid the impact. Rear-end CollisionThis occurs when the front of a car crashes into the rear-end of another car. Different circumstances will result in the collision, but in most cases the plaintiff will assert that the defendant is responsible as they did not keep the required distance or were negligent in applying the brakes, resulting in their car hitting the rear-end of the plaintiff’s vehicle. The defendant however would defer responsibility to road conditions, a third party or the plaintiff themselves. Taking down notes of the sequence of events including number plates, locations and names of witnesses can help to argue your case. Intersectional CollisionSuch a collision occurs when a driver fails to obey a traffic signal or sign, causing an accident and resulting in injuries to the plaintiff, who will argue that they were driving responsibly on their part. Drunk DrivingIn such auto accident lawsuits, the defendant will be subject to criminal charges and perhaps punitive damages for driving while intoxicated and risking the lives of other drivers, pedestrians as well as their own. A third party might also be charged if there is evidence that they had served the defendant excessive amounts of alcohol, which led to them being intoxicated. The more offenses a defendant has for driving while under the influence in the past, the higher will be the punitive damages awarded to them. Accidents in a Construction ZoneThese usually occur when the defendant driver becomes confused by the signs and detours in a construction zone and accidentally collides with the plaintiff’s automobile. The defendant may bring the company responsible for setting up those signs as the responsible third party. In these situations, it helps to take pictures of the location and where the accident occurred and the signs posted about to give weight to your case. There are multiple other kinds of cases and their special sets of circumstances that affect the proceedings which we’ll cover in the next part. In the meanwhile you can get professional legal guidance from US Rehabilitation & Health Service’s specialists. Whether you’re planning on making an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit, or even looking for excellent treatment for your post-accident injuries, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation. ​


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