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US Rehabilitation and Health Services

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We Take an Active Hands-On Approach Towards Mobilizing The Health of Auto Accident Victims. U.S. Rehab Will Take Care Of Your Wellbeing.

U.S. Rehabilitation and Health Services' philosophy is to provide auto accident victims with exceptional care to achieve optimal health and function. We are a group of health professionals dedicated to individualized personal rehabilitation.​


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We offer inviting outpatient clinics specializing in physical, occupational and massage therapy. Our accident management consultant coordinates our team of physicians, lawyers and case managers.​

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Insurances Accepted​

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We have a highly qualified staff

 Our therapists, and associated physicians, attorneys, and case managers  are among the most qualified professionals in their respective areas.

We offer our patients a clean environment

At the US Rehab, all of our facilities, clinics and equipments meet the utmost standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

We are pioneers

Our staff is continuously investigating new approaches and methods to apply in the domain of physical therapy  and to achieve a higher success rate in quality patient outcome.

We offer a fast service

We schedule your appointment at the earliest possible opening so we can offer you a fast service with the highest quality.

We are highly dedicated

Our patients are satisfied and often recommend us for our dedication to returning them back to full health.


 Through the promotion of mobility, strength, and functionality, our therapists use their expertise and knowledge to return our patients to optimal health.


 Development and maintenance of good functional capacity in order to help our patients achieve the highest possible level of independence is a top priority at

US Rehab.


We specialize in therapeutic massage to achieve a high level of relaxation, allow healing, reduce pain, as well as treat problems related to anxiety and depression.

 Foot and Ankle Therapy

 The dynamic actions of muscles play a greater role in the resulting motions at the foot and ankle. Any alteration of the complex series of movements can cause increased stress on the lower extremity structures.


We can provide out clients with aquatic therapy that is highly effective in improving functional capacity including the ability to stand, walk and rehabilitate our patients.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

 The functional capacity evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a person's ability to conduct activities of daily living and/or work. This standardized system is most frequently used ..

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US Rehabilitation and Health Services

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